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Biomarkers in Preeclamptic Women with Normoglycemia and Hyperglycemia

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Simmi Kharb, Prerna Panjeta, Veena S. Ghalaut, Jyoti Bala and Smiti Nanda   Pages 228 - 233 ( 6 )


The present study was planned to assess IGF-1, leptin and cholinesterase levels in maternal blood of both normoglycaemics and hyperglycaemics preeclampsia. Twenty five normotensive pregnant women at the time of delivery were selected in as group I and sub grouped according to blood glucose less than or more than 85 mg/dL as I A (<85mg/dL) and I B (>85mg/dL). Study group (group II, n=25) comprised of preeclamptic women and was further divided into group II A (<85mg/dL) and group II B (>85mg/dL). Routine biochemical investigations along with IGF-1, leptin and cholinesterase levels were analyzed in maternal and cord blood of preeclamptic and normotensive pregnant women. Serum IGF-1 levels were significantly lower in preeclamptic women and more so in those with hyperglycemia. Cord blood IGF-1 levels were nearly doubled in hyperglycemic preeclamptics as compared to normoglycemic preeclamptics. Leptin levels were higher in preeclamptic women and more in hyperglycemic preeclamptics. Cholinesterase levels were lowered in preeclamptic mothers and higher in hyperglycemics. Cord blood cholinesterase levels were reduced in preeclamptics, more so in hyperglycaemics as compared to group I. Diet recommendation, avoidance of excessive weight gain and healthy life style, exercise and nutritional interventions may be beneficial in these women.


Leptin, IGF-1, cholinesterase, cord blood, hyperglycemia, pregnancy, preeclamptics.


PT BDS PGIMS, Rohtak, Residence: #1396, Sector-1, Rohtak, Haryana

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